In the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, you will find the answer to the question you are interested in before subjecting your vehicle to the PDR Technology with vacuum straightening without any need for full or partial painting.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What is PDR technology?

    A quality method that restores the overall and intact look of your vehicle with the help of careful and measured pressure on its interior panels. The price for the service is measured and costs many times less than what you would pay in a regular vehicle service station. Quality combined with price make DA a widely used method.
  • 2. How long does the procedure take?

    The time required for the implementation of the PDR technology is significantly less than that required for the procedures in the vehicle service stations.
  • 3. Do the specialists apply a vacuum when straightening the identations?

    Vacuum is only used for more serious damage.
  • 4. Is it guaranteed the removal of each indentation ?

    The method serves mainly for the removal of smaller and cosmetic features. In order to be sure of the result of its application, it would be of great benefit to you to consult a company specialist first.
  • 5. When is it not recommended to use the method?

    If the car varnisch itself is damaged, then only the repainting of the particular part is required.
  • 6. Does the procedure damage the paint of the vehicle?

    The very name of the technology speaks for itself. After its completion, the paint remains intact.
  • 7. Is there any danger of recurrence of the identations after a period of time?

    We can safely state here that such a danger does not threaten you. Once removed, there is no basis for concern about their recurrence.
  • 8. Is it possible to remove any indentation?

    Unfortunately, this method is applied to minor injuries and indentations. If the carriage of your vehicle is badly damaged, we cannot guarantee 100% removal. Statistics indicate that in 95% of the cases using the technology there is a positive result.
  • 9. Would this technology may be helpful for me if I decided to sell my car?

    The answer to this question is undoubtedly unanimous. YES, the PDR technology helps you sell your car for as much as you think is right, as it leaves no visible traces behind.
  • 10. If the identations are a result of a long time before, can they be still removed?

    It makes absolutely no difference how long ago cosmetic signs appeared on the car. All that matters is that the lacquer should not be harmed.
  • 11. Can the method be used to repair old cars?

    The method is applicable to any vehicle, whether old or new.
  • 12. In what cases is the most positive result of applying the method?

    Undoubtedly, if your car is new, the result will be perfect. It is recommended that your vehicle is no more than 7 years old.

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