The price for PDR is determined according to the extend of the damages

The formation of specific prices for paintless dent repair (PDR) is a relative process and is firmly related to the specifics of the idents to be removed.

The procedure for the straightening of identations and other types of cosmetic damages starts from 60 leva per detail, no matter how big the hole is.

3 holes

  1. 3 BGN for each next hole, as big as a coin of 20 stotinki
  2. 6 BGN for each next hole, as big as a coin of 50 stotinki
  3. 9 BGN for each next hole as big as a coin of 1 BGN


The value of the procedure connected with the ceiling starts from 100 BGN, depending on its size.

                 PDR – The service we provide! – For repair of dents without a paint.

Among with the increase of cars, the number of damages is increasing too. Unfortunately, this fact is unavoidable, as the factors that cause damages to the car can be both physical and of human nature. For example, improper parking, hail, door opening near another car at the parking lot, etc. And so your mood can be spoiled for the whole day by just one ident. But if you contact us with the help of PDR technology, the repair of the recess without painting will be done as quickly as possible, with high quality and at a reasonable price. Here are several advantages to this method.

First, the car is not repainted, the factory paint finish is completely preserved. In this case, the price of the car is fully preserved.

Second comes the price, which is much lower than traditional repair.

And third, you don’t have to worry about the color matching after repainting?

After the PDR repair, no one can find out where the impact was. Due to the complexity of the damage, the removal time lasts from 30 minutes to 6 hours. That way, even with the most complex impact, you can pick up your car the same day. (You will have to wait at least one week for knocking and painting). The assessment of the damage must be made after inspection of the vehicle. At this service we work with highly qualified specialists and will advise you personally how and at what cost to repair the damage. The evaluation will be completely free of charge. PDR technology is not just a craft, it is an art and it has to be learned for many years. The whole staff of our company consists of experienced craftsmen who have been involved in this work for many years. Our service is performed with the most up-to-date materials and equipment for repairing indentations without paint. That is why we are prepared to take on the most complex damage. We guarantee 100% quality of service. We handle the most complex cases, where there is nowhere else to go. Come to us and we will restore the car in its original form. Examples of our work are presented below. AT the pictures below you will find out the approximate value of your damage for the work done. Please note that the final price can only be announced after a personal inspection by a senior technician.