What is PDR Technology?

PDR technology, or as it is commonly known worldwide, “Paintless Dent Removal”, is a method used to remove indentations throughout the whole carriage of your vehicle. In case that your vehicle has been a victim of a hailstorm that has caused countless damages, then this innovative procedure is your best weapon.

The literal translation of the technology sounds: “Removal of identations without painting”. Thanks to the strictly selected tools and machines, combined with the perfect implementation of the professionals, unprecedented success has been achieved so far. The method used for the removal the cosmetic scars is performed for less than no time.

Unfortunately, this proven in time process is yet not widely used in Bulgaria, but recently its use has been increased. Through careful and gradual application of pressure to the inside part of the vehicle panels the irregularities and scars have been eliminated.

Advantages of PDR technology

There are a number of advantages that have made this method one of the most effective and profitable means for removing cosmetic scars. Some of which are:

  • After completion of the procedure, the surface of your vehicle seems to be intact, as if your vehicle has never been a victim of a climate catastrophe or has never been lightly damaged.
  • The time required to apply the method is as short as possible. In a short period of time, unprecedented results are obtained.
  • The price a user pays for the service is many times lower than the procedures used in vehicle service station.
  • After the implementation of the method, the rest of the paint is in perfect and preserved condition, which in itself leads you to think that nothing has happened to your car.

When is the PDR method most commonly applied?

  • If you decide to sell your car, then this technology will be of great benefit to you. No buyer would doubt the strength and the preserved appearance of the goods offered.
  • If you are a resident of Sofia, many vehicles become victims of damages, caused by hailstorms. In order not to be one of the drivers desperate to find a way out of the situation, it would be most low cost effective to apply this innovative and proven method.
  • Except for the hail damages, using this technology helps eliminate the identations of the vechicle resulting from improper parking or an impact with a blunt object.

The PDR method is the most efficient, long-lasting and highly-qualited solution that has ever existed. If you are not sufficiently satisfied with the final result, then reusing the procedure is affordable to each customer. Thanks to the positive results of its implementation, it is making its way more tangible among the majority of people in our country. Convenient way and justified investment.

What PDR accessories are most commonly used?