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Защо да изберем PDR

PDR technology is an efficient and cost-effective means of eliminating identations and unpleasant hail marks on expensive, luxurious, practical and versatile vehicles. Appeared recently among us, it manages to win more and more supporters, who trust the technology, which trust is justified especially after the finalization of the repair service.

Reason №1

Many drivers find themselves at the point where they think it is rational to replace the car with a newer version. In the cases that you have been the victim of a serious hailstorm or your car has been in an accident, then a preliminary repair would be a very reasonable decision. No buyer would want to become the owner of a “hail-stricken” car. You may have already been faced with expensive auto service procedures and the long waiting for them.
Therefore, there is already a far more fast, economical, permanent and appropriate solution. With Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), your car will not need repainting. Precisely and professionally crafted, the innovative technology preserves the remaining paint without contributing to its destruction.

Reason №2

This method of efficient auto-tagging services is tangibly applied by car owners and manufacturers. Minor and minor defects are eliminated in minutes without the need for partial or complete repainting, which lengthens and complicates the manufacturing process.
Automobile plant owners apply innovative technology because the result and benefits of it are immeasurable compared to high-paying auto repair shops. They literally repair the perfect works of art without having to go into the column “waste”. The PDR technology is being applied worldwide.

Reason №3

3A large part of the population of Sofia is aware of the damages that have occurred in the summer of 2014. The unexpected hailstorm has caused many damages that at first glance seems irreparable. But this is by no means the end, as you are already able to prevent even the most insidious dents caused by the impact of ice balls.
With the help of tools and machines, coupled with your professionalism, your vehicles will look as intact as they were the day before the accident. By creating, developing, and refining an effective and cost-effective repair method without repainting, you can save a lot more than you expect.

Reason №4

In the fourth place, but not by importance, is the next piece of evidence, justifying the end of your prejudices. It is based on several factors. Time, money and nerves. The financial side of things has always taken precedence. The extremely expensive services in auto services repel the average citizen. PDR is the solution that lands on your shoulder.
You don’t need all the time in the world, and you don’t even have to wait. In just a few minutes, well-trained professionals are ready to fix existing problems. You do not need to test your nerves as there is a far more cost-effective choice for you. PDR is an economical, guaranteed and of high-quality method for the removal of indentation.

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