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как действа PDR технологията

PDR is a technology used to straighten recesses that have appeared on your vehicles. The method by which it is operated is a guarantee of efficiency and durability. Thanks to it, hail marks on the body of your vehicles are flawlessly removed without damaging or destroying the factory paint. Appeared not long ago, it creates many preconditions for people to make economical and cost-effective choices.

The essence of technology itself

Paintless Dent Removal or as it is better known in Bulgaria with its abbreviation PDR is a service that serves to restore the normal appearance of your car before suffering a crash or other type of accident. A wide range of tools and machines are used for the application and are used for straightening small and not so concave sections and cosmetic marks.
The tools used for the work activity are fully profiled for the specific unit. This helps to handle any kind of bumps on your car body seamlessly. Of course, the team of specialists is an important and required rule for maximum results.

Applicability of the method

The possibility of any model benefiting from this privilege is highly appreciated. In order to be one hundred percent calm and sure of the end result, it is advisable to consult a specialist first to answer your questions. If you are wondering if any indentation could be prevented, unfortunately we cannot guarantee you this.
The huge marks on your vehicles are likely to remain as they are because the technology is designed for smaller and imperceptible cosmetic bumps and bumps. Preventing them does not violate the integrity of the paint. Based on this, we should state that you do not need to repaint your car in whole or in part.

Time and resources

These are the most frequently asked questions among majority of people in our country. Time is valuable for an active driver who needs his vehicle daily. In order not to sabotage its normal functioning and flow, the PDR technology does not take more than a few hours, or even minutes. With the help of well-trained and sophisticated specialists, cosmetic injuries are eliminated for a short period of time.

On the financial side of things, there is hardly a more cost-effective choice. Times more expensive are the cost of services payed in service stations. In addition, they hold your car for an extended period of time, which substantially limits you in performing your duties. With the advent of this already familiar to you innovative method, your life would not be a difficult ordeal.
The PDR is an efficient, long-lasting and economical investment in the future. If you have to re-apply the technology, you will not encounter resistance and obstacle. You have the opportunity to quickly and without unnecessary nerves repair the damage to the body of your car.

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