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Градушка в Пловдив

July 15, 2016 is a memorable date for a huge number of drivers in Plovdiv. Trapped in a catastrophic hailstorm, they were caught in a deadlock situation because of the ruined appearance of their cars. The ice balls inflated too much damages, making the bodywork of the vehicles difficult to recognize. One of the most effective methods for dealing with the many hail indentations as well as other scars, scratches and punches is the PDR technology for after-hail repair. Appeared several years ago in our country, it manages to ease the pain of car owners. The method is extremely efficient. It is able to turn your destroyed “jewel” into a brand-new car. Service-stations in the city are overflown with visitors. Employees can barely fit anyone of the citisents in need. Many of them were sent out due to lack of free time or the inability of professionals to take responsibility for the “treatment” of cosmetic scars.

How expensive is it to repair a car?

Most of the citizens of Plovdiv and its surroundings are interested in the cost of post hail repair that they have to pay. The efficiency of innovative technology is not directly linked to price. With the magic wand, you have the ability to clean up irregularities and damages to your car without paying a heavy price for it.The original repair fee is BGN 80. For each additional hole is paid as follows: a hole with a size of 20 stotinki costs 3 leva; for damages with size of 50 stotinki the price is BG 6 lv; BGN 9 – holes with a size of BGN 1 or bigger.

How long does it take to repair a vehicle?

Unlike many neighborhood service-stations, which consume you a huge amount of time, the services provided by the specialists in specialized salons are performed for a much shorter period. Some of the drivers who subjected their vehicle to this method say that within a few minutes they were able to make their vehicle unrecognizable.
The cars after the hailstorms are crushed by ice chunks. Dents are observed on the exterior of the body-works, the windows have become a handful of salt. The disappointment of the car owners are too colourful. Stuck in a deadlock, they strive to find the most cost-effective solution for their car.

These method are tested and effective means that will return your hope. In addition, it would not have a serious impact on your financial situation. You will not have to use public transportation or waste money on extremely expensive taxi services.The work of the persons in whose hands you will leave your favorite vehicle is quite delicate. Their competence will undoubtedly live up to your expectations. Do not lose hope and leave the “dirty work” to those who manage to do it as it should.The citisents do not stop describing the damages caused by the hail. People stand in line in front of insurance companies. And servise stations are unable to deal with the job. Natural disasters are phenomena we cannot predict. For this reason, there are no barriers for them. Hailstones crush to disgrace, and people fall into difficult situations. Give your car a chance and take advantage of the Plovdiv traffic services. This is advice from the injured citizens in Bulgaria.

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